Summer Intensive Course

at Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan

Monthly Meeting

August 2017

Senior Professor Stephanie English presents the August pprogram on wiring techniques.

September 2017

Free Style with Senior Professor Emiko Suzuki 

June 2017

Shoka Shimputai Futakabu with Senior Professor Stephanie English.
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July 2017

Professor Emiko Suzuki demonstrates converting Rikka Shofutai to Rikka Shimputai.  Click photo to see the photo gallery.

Workshops and Special Events

Spring Workshop 2017

Tatehana traditional style, Tatehana modern style, Free Style centerpiece arrangement with professor Emiko Suzuki.

Art in Bloom 2017

at The Gallery at  Flat Rock 

Fall Workshop 2016

with professor Stephanie English.

Study tour 2015

The 2015 Spring Exhibition was held from April 10 to 13 at Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto while the study group was in Japan.  

Spring Workshop 2016

with professor Kiyoshi Imagawa.

Fall Workshop 2015

with professor Masayo Takenouchi.